Blue Zone Performances are set up by artist run production house God and Bones. We have very few means, but good will and enthusiasm in abundance.
If you are a dancer or other inspired by our shows and you feel there might be a place for you there, we welcome you to get in touch with us to know more about how we work and the artists involved.

Artistic direction:

Billie Hanne (BE)
Julyen Hamilton (UK/ES)

Technical direction:

Sylvain Formatché (FR)

Dancers and artists involved in past performances:

Paolo Cingolani (IT)
Julyen Hamilton (UK/ES)
Laura Burns (UK)
Billie Hanne (BE)
Maya M. Carroll (IL)
Sylvain Formatché (FR)
Caspar Langhoff (FR)
Anja Weber (GE)
Theodosia Stathi (GR)
Boris Cossio (ARG)
Charles Hoebanckx (BE)
Ana Iommi (ARG)
Giacomo Calabrese (IT)
Eloise Neuville (FR)
Barbara Pereyra (ARG)
Theo Livesey (UK)
Jacob Storer (USA)
Wilbert De Joode (NL)
Agostina d'Alessandro (Arg)
Anna Heuer Hansen (DK)
Robert Vesty (UK)

Dancers granted a work/study at the Secret Teachings via Blue Zone Performances:

Matteo De Blasio (IT)

Claire Huber (FR)
Laetitia Lanoë (FR)

Roberta Stêpankova (SL) 2014-2015
Raquel Morales (ES)
Jack Wignall (UK)
Constanza Feldman (ARG)
Amanda Xuehai (CHN)

Raquel Morales (ES)
Maria De Dueñas Lopez (ES)


Carthago Delenda Est (Brussels)
Studio Belgica (Brussels)
Le Grand Studio (Brussels)
Théâtre Le Marni (Brussels)

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