Blue Zone Performances in Brussels (Be) presents a yearly series of shows where dancers and poets bring to the stage their embodied voices and evocative choreographies. The series are held under the artistic direction of Billie Hanne and Julyen Hamilton.

In the making of dance and poetry as well as in how they work combined the presented works break with tradition and set new standards. Effective articulation in the choreography and poesy is both potent and playful. In the Blue Zone Performances the dancers and poets create immediate composition and hereby they give to communicating spatial and emotional power, technical skill and rhythmic complexity in how the different elements relate.

The series of performances have made creative use of different spaces housing shows which range from the ‘enclosed intimate’ to the ‘expanded architectural’. Original works have been seen in full context and volume suiting the needs of every particular performance. By choosing rooms and halls with unique acoustics each breath and word of the poetry is allowed to have its ‘body’ with full power and specificity within quiet closeness.

Careful attention is paid to both to the inherent dance and poetry as well as the construction and arrangement of decor. This is aided by elemental lighting designs that give both a graphic power as well as a physical theatricality.

The multiple red bands which made the immense webbed cocoon of ‘i smooth crimson’.

The single tree in a bucket from ‘Hamlet in Palace’.

The square of crumpled earth combed as a carpet from ‘Horse/Moist’.

The desk and hanging microphones of ‘Goat Ocean’.

The elevated audience looking directly down upon ‘Landscape Portrait’.

Blue Zone Performances was founded from a desire to complement the structure of the existing dance and poetry venues, both established and underground. It grounds its quality in working with the artists directly and gives room to material that is innovative and threads to origin. In making dances that are radical, simple, complex, compositionally delicate it pushes the boundaries of the art form.

Naturally Blue Zone is affiliated with KaTaPult Poetry Publishing and the Blue Dog Label for performance dvds as distributors of the art form via different media such as poetry books, dvds, digital and other. In this way it seeks to expand its relationship with readers, listeners and spectators.

The shows are coordinated alongside the Secret Teachings, a series of work-weeks ( 4 per year). The participants in this series are professional dancers from throughout Europe and beyond. The pedagogic ground covered in these classes is that of Space / Word / Time and Phrasing.

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