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Billie Hanne, Hallveig Ágústsdóttir

10, 11, 12 Feb 2017

Rain seeps through the roof of the mouth. Teeth as rocks.
Tongue as mountain range - changing over the course of time.
A thin slice of stone ground to dust.
"Have you measured the room?"
"Not yet. Have you got a tape measure?"
It had started to snow in the hollow of a thought and Nature, splendid and bare,
here hiding her eggs, had caused a landslide to take place.

This is a first encounter between dance and poetry artist Billie Hanne and sound and drawing artist Hallveig Ágústsdóttir. A piece for lights, space and acoustics.

Billie Hanne, Hallveig Ágústsdóttir

20h30 @ Thor, Rue Saint Josse 49, 1210 Brussels

Price: 12€
Weekend Pass: 26,50€ (includes the Artist Talk + the performances on 18, 19, 20/11 at 20h30

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