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Sand and Vision
Various Artist, direction by Julyen Hamilton

01, 02, 03 Apr 2016

a line of solos
pearls on a string
lace - throat - back and rhyme
jagged history unwoven.

Here in a piece directed by Julyen Hamilton four artists of different background bring a series of solos in a setting that is both filmic and intimate.

Dance and Poetry: Anna Heuer Hansen, Robert Vesty, Billie Hanne, Julyen Hamilton, Agostina d'Alessandro
Decor and Direction: Julyen Hamilton
Lights: Sylvain Formatché

20h30h @ Carthago Delenda Est, Rue Sylvain Denayer 51, 1070 Brussels

Price: 8€
Weekend Pass: 26,50€ (includes the Artist Talk + the shows 'Landscape Portrait' and 'Sand and Vision' on 01, 02, 03/04 at 20h30)

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