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Prefect Nation IX - THE COMPLOT
Various Artists

27 Mar 2016

In ‘PREFECT NATION IX: The Complot’ the body is initially pictorial from where it is motioned into dances deviced by each of the artists involved.
The piece is set in the city as a natural habitat: sensuous and square, material, demanding and musical, abundant. The poetic voice here is a detailed panorama. Woven into the soundscape of the space and the dances it intertwines with lives and events made and witnessed by both performers and audience at the same time.

Dance, Poetry: Ilse Van Haastrecht, Manuela Tessi, Billie Hanne, Meri Pajunpää

21h @ Studio At the Lodge, Rue François Mus 41, 1080 Brussel

Price: 8€

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