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Billie Hanne

8, 9, 10 Jan 2016

"It is love," said Daisy, "it is the quiet water surface upon which all things float."
She blew the horn. She was aware of falling.
OWL owl OWL: in a tree without a jacket.
Here lies Joseph for he was great. A luminous orb full of intent.
Mammoth. Wreath. Cliff.
"How strange," Daisy thought, "first I wandered, now I walk."

DAISY is a delicate study in phrasing. It laces a word to move, a string of moves to a line of poetry. A one by one threading of time infiltrating of the will so it gives and diffuses. The dancing body allows abstraction of the words and as such the space in which they live becomes a constantly renewed pivot point of meaning. DAISY deconstructs and then creates motion by revealing every sensual detail that constitutes the composition, the dance, the poetic mind in limbs, torso and tongue. This is a new solo.

Billie Hanne is a poetry and dance artist based in Brussels (BE). She composes dance and poetry in instant choreographies, provocative poetics in the spur of the moment, in the realm of vision and instinct.
She retrieves and examines human intimacy with space, time, object and light. The body. Through radical handling of poetry and dance she weaves nature's sophistication into different textures, tales and geometrics that penetrate skill with grace and lyrical power with rhythm.
Her phrasing is quick-witted and reveals the mind through the body as well as through its utterances, its vocals. In her practice she reimagines tradition and pushes the boundaries of the artform through blending and morphing myth, story with the body in motion and the physical reality of the composition.
Her pieces are spiritual architectures that layer dissonant forces. She brings her work to different venues from underground studios to established theatres, to galleries and industrial sites.

Dance and Choreography: Billie Hanne
Poetry: Billie Hanne
Costume: Eloise Neuville
Lights: Sylvain Formatché

20h30 @ Carthago Delenda Est, Rue Sylvain Denayer 51, 1070 Brussels

Price: 12,50€
Weekend Pass: 26,50€ (all shows + Artist Talk on 09/01)

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